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Michel: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Rémi: Drums, Vocals
Bastien: Guitar, Vocals
Arnaud: Bass, Harsh Vocals


released March 11, 2014

Produced by Forus and Christian Carvin.
Recorded from July to August 2013 at All Production Studio, France.
Engineered, mixed by Christian Carvin.
Mastered by JP Chalbos at La Source Mastering, France.
Additional voice on If All Else Fails (Breathe In) by Rob Dyer.
All music written and arranged by FORUS except "Beardy Crook" by the great band "Steve and the Alcoholics".



all rights reserved


Forus Bayonne, France

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Track Name: War's Not Over, I've Just Found The Flag
FORUS • Lights • War's not over, i've just found the flag

Sick of being stepped on for the things we choose,
We give and take but now we’ve supported all we could.
King of punk rock, where is your protest now?

The more you say, the less i listen you and
I can’t take us back to something
Nothings new, now, we could never... never smile anymore.
War's not over, i've just found the flag
Where is your next remark?

Our reason was trying to bleed our ego.
Our reason was trying to bleed your ego.
But we can’t resist now.
Everything is said.
Everything is done.
Track Name: Air
FORUS • Lights • Air

We keep running this race that can’t be won,
speak of all the love we lost and what
it cost us, left us beg our breath to stop but we kept
on and we were strong, we moved ever

Remember each minute you’ve been alone,
don’t cry for our final outcome
cry of how we tried in our endless search
so hold my hand, and stay with we,
we’ll be released.

We need disaster to love. You and I. We will survive.
(Lock) your heart inside my chest.
Regain the passion, we’re not pure, we’re not sure
we know it will never sound the... same... again…

So hold my hand, and stay with we, for real

And over-jaded.
We have a chance to breathe,
You can climb the hill or die trying
So many lost their lives in the waiting room.
You have to choose your side,
I chose the one that you hide.
Track Name: Radio Lives!
FORUS • Lights • Radio Lives!


Well, you’ve been.
We were born while the choice was already done.
Life won't build me no jail, my unborn bro.
I have one fear, it's to lay on regrets
One thing is sure:
Hand in hand, we still dream together
... was already done.


I have never thought their choice would have, day after day,
consequences loaded with so, so much regrets,
straightly building myself on a nonsense.
The fact of living destroyed me.
No need for muscles because
i have your beating heart...

I could feel
At the front door
Your heart rests upon your poor soul
(You) make me feel you’re alive
and i don’t know why ?

Don’t let me think you’re gone, your breathe, my pride
Make me feel you’re alive

My whole heart is our home
It beats for you
It beats for me
It beats for.. it doesn’t matter
This life.
Track Name: Movement
FORUS • Lights • Movements

Still Burning, never thinking, it's like a tidal wave inside my brain
Getting busy, getting lonely, i spend all my fucking time cutting side by side
Let the signs decide the wrong and right

Blindfolded, desesperate, i try spear gun down my own tail of blame
WE ARE, no i'm just this jerk who doesn't know what to decide
I spend all my time running for my life

Excuse me man, everybody's bleeding
Back on the grass, heads in the clouds, i close my eyes
Your self-esteem (half-support your body)
I only get one life, i need to slow
I only get one life, i need to sloooooow

Bury my emotions to protect myself
Till i can't feel a fucking thing,
I've dared to dream i've tried to live
But i've played it safe again,
Just another slave to my vices now
Bring out your dead
Track Name: If All Else Fails (Breathe In)
FORUS • Lights • This Light (Breath in)

(+Rob Dyer talks)
I remember all those drives
All about our lives

I can just look up, If all else fails
Somebody seems to pick me up
Track Name: If All Else Fails (Breathe Out)
FORUS • Lights • If All Else Fails (Breath out)

Oh I’m lost Oh my god
How can i ignore?
And how not to look back?

Late, quarter till seven,
The doctor at the door
Slept at the hospital and i can’t get up

Time and love are all i need
Please give me more
Tonight i’ve fallen and i can’t get up, can’t get up

Well i’ve been here all night
and i’m watching me breath in and breath out
Why my body seems so low?
If all else fails / fails

Now all i have are the ones that i’m with and you taught me not
To take the time that i have to show
That i can speak into their hearts

Well i’ve been here all night
and i'm watching me breath in and breath out
Why you have deserve that?
If all else fails
Somebody seems to pick me up
Somebody seems to pick me up
Track Name: Beardy Crook
FORUS • Lights • Beardy Crook
("Steve & The Alcoholics" cover)

Some say you better bend your knees and pray
In every line it’s a corruption lost in time
Stupid books written on a beardy crook
I think it’s time we nail the guy against the cross again

So we can start it all over
We’ll do things right this time
The people search for a man that would shoulder this problem and carry the weight
We’ll take good care of the truth that put us on this we call earth
And I will fight for the reasons that made us stand up for the humans we are

Some say you better bend your knees and pray
In every line it’s a corruption lost in time
And we could gather all the books and start the biggest fire seen
So that no one else would be as fooled as us
Go ahead, prove us wrong
You’re wrong!
Track Name: Space, Time & Monkeys
FORUS • Space, Time & Monkeys • Lights

When the lights don’t glow the same way
When need to write the last song these days
Empty, this is how I felt before it came up
Finally get into myself, I won’t let it go
I’m coming up early to show you’re wrong (à verifier)
Late isn’t laziness

We’re late, too many sleepless night
Can’t even try to care at all
Reaching critical level I know
“Hurry!” they say
Fuckin’ love this way
Are we Space? time? Monkey? (WTF)
Till’ the last sec, overstressed cuz this is fuckin’ late !
Track Name: Crisis Management Of The Special Kind
FORUS • Lights • Crisis Management Of The Special Kind

We may not know how to say...
It but we’ve something to say
While the Dow Jones index is plummeting
We simply lift you up to a higher realm,
This fucking crisis of the special kind

In our music things like recession don’t exist

Here, four, six, six strings, drums, paper (are in the rising market)
The tendency for loud music is following an upward trend

We don’t let depression eat away at us
Because we know that
Your hearth, your ears, thats’s enough to

Instead of investing in gold, we stay gold
Anyway, you download, you’re right

Best things in life are for free,
Are you in the doubt? You will see

Now, you know,
After 10 years playing a kind of (punk)
We’ve never shit our pants

We’re alone, no gain, no pain
Please never try to play in vain
Track Name: No Mercy
FORUS • Lights • No mercy

Watch wide awake, we head out
To this fight with nothing more than, (poor Mother Earth),
Nothing more than what we had.
All of the times that we waited for
Built up the chance to lose everything, they (politicians) says:
Wait and slow down for nothing
Now it’s time to realize one time for all.
Let’s change this ignorance to awareness and respect,
.. to awareness and res.. PECT
Cause the killer in this case is nobody,
Noone but yourself, only yourself.